Bill’s Musings and Observations – Thanksgiving and Thankful

Good Saturday to you!

Rain! It’s a big Life Win for everybody this morning and boy, do we need this. The sprinkling tease we got just before Thanksgiving day was nice, but the soft staccato of drops draining from my roof to are beating a calm, healing rhythm on the leaves below. Hallelujah!

Sometimes you find a smile where you least expect it, and it’s wonderful if you can share it. My brother-in-law drove up from San Diego Thanksgiving day (he’s a real road warrior”) and along the way he observed a somewhat magical cloud formation. There in the crisp blue sky above Interstate 5, he saw what looked like two quill pens side by side, pointing toward Sacramento. He stopped to get a shot with his new iPhone 6 and shared it with my wife and I. My wife calls cloud formations like these angels, and it’s as if they were poised to write a clear, safe path for him to follow home. Very spiritual, ethereal…and cool.

Feathers 1

Feathers over I-5. By Robert Camhi, Copyright Nov.27, 2014

Of course, I think the Thanksgiving holiday was probably a Life Win for everyone. Family, food and fun is what most of us experience, I’m sure. However, there are many who are not so fortunate, those of our brothers and sisters who have no permanent home or means of support. Thankfully, there are organizations like the Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, the Salvation Army and the Sacramento Food Bank who ensure that many of our homeless and less fortunate neighbors are fed, clothed and sheltered year-round, not just on Thanksgiving Day with, for example, a Run to Feed the Hungry. Think about sharing your good fortune and giving thanks in the form of donations – money, food, clothing, time – to any or all of these or similar organizations. Even a few dollars will help and most of us won’t miss those few bucks. Buying one less cup of coffee at Starbucks or Peets, or purchasing a little less at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and donating that sum to one of these wonderful organizations can help hundreds of people on the street, and it will come back to you ten-fold.

Ever think about building something from scratch and decided you didn’t have the “skills?” Check out JK’s blog, “The Right Tool for the Job,” for a little inspiration. And Kati’s brief  insight into walking the walk, not just talking the talk, will is food for thought in “Actions Not Words” on QuoteWriteInspire.

Until next week,


Bill M