Although I am a broke college student, I have 3 younger brothers and sisters I have to buy presents for. Unfortunately, my younger siblings are incredibly whiny and snobby. My little brother buys T-shirts for 30 dollars each. Mind you, they look like plain white t-shirts with a small brand-name on it. If i dared buy him a T-shirt that’s not brand name, he would probably throw it away because its not “nice” enough for his reputation. My sister just got a nice laptop (not for Christmas) and when she got a desk to go along with it, she complained and said it was the wrong color for her room. My other younger sister complained because I told her I will buy her an expensive Starbucks drink, but I couldn’t afford to buy her an pastry. So I bought her a cookie and a drink, and didn’t get anything for myself.

So as I was leaving the library, I spotted this Christmas tree with these angel cutouts on it. I picked up an angel out of curiosity. The angels were made by kids in foster care, and they write their Christmas “wishes” on it. The angel I had was written by a 9 year old girl who wished for “world peace” and two barbies to play with. My youngest sister is near her age (11). She doesn’t wish for a 15 dollar barbie. She got mad at me yesterday because I tried to give her my used Acer laptop instead of a Macbook that my brother gave me. Let me remind you, shes 11. And right now, she has a Macbook, while I have the Acer.

Oddly enough, the angel got me mad. Like, I was so pissed off. My bratty siblings whine about the presents I give them already. Why should I waste time and energy buying them presents they don’t like because its not “expensive” enough for them? I stress out so much because I don’t have enough money to appeal to their taste. All I want is for them to enjoy Christmas, and be happy I even tried to find them gifts I personally picked out for each of them. I don’t ask for nothing in return, just a simple “thank you”. This little girl, only wants 2 barbies and world peace. If i got her two barbies, she will be so happy and excited because her wish was fulfilled.

So you know what? Tomorrow i’m going to Walmart and buying her barbies. I’m down to the last dollars on my bankcard, but i’m not wasting another dime on kids who will just be ungrateful. I already finished their shopping, and if they want to complain about my gifts, so what? I really did try to be a good sister. Heck, i’m even considering donating their gifts I bought to Sleep Train ,since its not “good” enough for them.

Sorry for the rant. I just want everyone to be grateful, and enjoy their gifts. Christmas became something different in modern years. When I was little, I got basically nothing. My mom doesn’t understand Christmas, and she’s actually pretty selfish herself. It was rare for me to even have presents to open on Christmas. These bratty kids want all these expensive designer things nowadays, and they are lucky us older kids are there to even wrap them stuff under the tree.

This year, please donate to the kids in need. I read other angels, and they ask for things that are very simple to get. (barbies, electric cars, toy trains, scooters, bikes etc.)

Happy holidays!



Birthday Fun and Family

Hello everyone,

It’s Friday and that just so happens to be my favorite day of the week! How has your week been so far? Hopefully, it has been as amazing as mine.

Although I love Fridays, yesterday was probably my favorite day of the year. You may be wondering why. Well, yesterday was my birthday and it was awesome. I had a business class in the morning but, I was able to spend the rest of the day with the people I care and love. Since it was my birthday, my family and I decided to go out to a restaurant for dinner. We went pretty late, around nine, and so there was barely anyone there. After we ate, my mom surprised me with a cake that she somehow managed to hide from me all day. I have no idea how I didn’t notice it; we live in the same house and we drove their together in the same car. After she brought the cake, everyone decided to sing happy birthday and let me tell you, there is a reason why no one in my family has ever gotten a record deal. They were all singing the same song yet it sounded like each person was singing a different song but, regardless of all that, I loved it. My birthday dinner was a little chaotic and it wasn’t anything fancy but, it was an awesome birthday and I loved every second of it.

Since I was talking about family, I’d like to share this quote that I found.

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy” –Garth Brooks

This quote reminds me of my family. I could have a million dollars but, without my family, I would never be happy. On the other hand, I could have absolutely nothing but as long as I have my family, I would feel like the richest person alive. The amount of love you can get from a family member is priceless; no amount of money can buy you that kind of love. It is unconditional love. You fight, argue and annoy one another but, at the end of the day, you know you have them. They are always there for you when no one else is and that is why I feel like the richest person alive. I am very thankful that I have such an amazing family.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm-


So,I used to watch this girl on YouTube. Shes really pretty, fashionable, and smart. I’ve always admired her glamorous lifestyle, her gorgeous friends, and the amount of respect she got from the individuals she surrounds herself with.
And then I scrolled down to the comments underneath her video.
“Ew, your arms are chubby, you shouldn’t eat that bagel. It’s called C-A-R-B-S.”
“Your family hates you and are obviously only with you because you have money.”
“When your roots are showing, you should get it retouched. Otherwise you look like a cheap hooker”
Like, are you kidding me? this girl is absolutely amazing! How could these people say such rude things about someone who is almost nearly perfect??
I see these incidents almost everyday, on my Instagram, on my Facebook timeline. Why are these people shaming others? Especially others they don’t know?
We are all human. We all have to go through this daily struggle called “life”. We should be uplifting and empowering one another, not trying to knock each other out. We are all seeking happiness in our own way, and in no shape or form is this a race.
I read this story about this girl who was bullied. Her peers were so hateful and spiteful towards her, that she hung herself in her bedroom closet.
This young girl, in the prime of her life, died because people with so much hate decided to tease and torture her.
Yes, I said torture. Because reading nasty comments about yourself is torturous. If I was that girl on YouTube, and I read those terrible things by random people I would start to believe it. Gradually, it would infest my mind until I obsess over and over about what these people think about me. I mean if you had thousands of viewers telling you how “fat” “ugly” “slutty” you are, eventually you will start to believe it.
Its absolutely disgusting how people, anonymous people, try to break you down! Why? What is the point?
So I went to the girl I watch on YouTubes Instagram page, and underneath all those horrible comments, I left nicer ones. Telling her how much I enjoyed her videos and how beautiful her spirit is. I’m sure she’ll never read it, she has a ton of followers. Yet, even if she doesn’t read it, I still wanted to be an oasis away from a desert of animosity.
Spread love everyone!
(by the way, the girl I watch on YouTubes name is Trisha Paytas. :))

On Patience and Paper

284 Cranes“If I could store any character quality in a cookie jar, I’d store patience. Chocolate-chip patience cookies. And I’d eat them all at one sitting.”
– Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not for Sale

In Japan, there is a legend that states that if you make a wish and fold one thousand paper cranes then your wish will come true. In the west, we make a wish upon a star or blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. I think I prefer the Japanese version. It showcases a difference in our cultures.

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