Bill’s Musings and Observations – Thanksgiving and Thankful

Good Saturday to you!

Rain! It’s a big Life Win for everybody this morning and boy, do we need this. The sprinkling tease we got just before Thanksgiving day was nice, but the soft staccato of drops draining from my roof to are beating a calm, healing rhythm on the leaves below. Hallelujah!

Sometimes you find a smile where you least expect it, and it’s wonderful if you can share it. My brother-in-law drove up from San Diego Thanksgiving day (he’s a real road warrior”) and along the way he observed a somewhat magical cloud formation. There in the crisp blue sky above Interstate 5, he saw what looked like two quill pens side by side, pointing toward Sacramento. He stopped to get a shot with his new iPhone 6 and shared it with my wife and I. My wife calls cloud formations like these angels, and it’s as if they were poised to write a clear, safe path for him to follow home. Very spiritual, ethereal…and cool.

Feathers 1

Feathers over I-5. By Robert Camhi, Copyright Nov.27, 2014

Of course, I think the Thanksgiving holiday was probably a Life Win for everyone. Family, food and fun is what most of us experience, I’m sure. However, there are many who are not so fortunate, those of our brothers and sisters who have no permanent home or means of support. Thankfully, there are organizations like the Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, the Salvation Army and the Sacramento Food Bank who ensure that many of our homeless and less fortunate neighbors are fed, clothed and sheltered year-round, not just on Thanksgiving Day with, for example, a Run to Feed the Hungry. Think about sharing your good fortune and giving thanks in the form of donations – money, food, clothing, time – to any or all of these or similar organizations. Even a few dollars will help and most of us won’t miss those few bucks. Buying one less cup of coffee at Starbucks or Peets, or purchasing a little less at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and donating that sum to one of these wonderful organizations can help hundreds of people on the street, and it will come back to you ten-fold.

Ever think about building something from scratch and decided you didn’t have the “skills?” Check out JK’s blog, “The Right Tool for the Job,” for a little inspiration. And Kati’s brief  insight into walking the walk, not just talking the talk, will is food for thought in “Actions Not Words” on QuoteWriteInspire.

Until next week,


Bill M


Bill’s Saturday Musings and Observations

Good morning, sports fans and happy Saturday!

So you like to laugh? Silly question. Who doesn’t? I think a real life win for any of us is when we can have a good laugh, the kind that comes from deep down in the gut and roars out. Laughter releases all those good endorphins, you know? According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter is good medicine. When you start to laugh, it lightens your load mentally and actually induces positive physical changes in your body.

Well, I woke up early this morning and, while still laying in bed, I thought up a joke to tell my granddaughters. It just thought it up in the pre-dawn hours and I started cracking myself up. My laughter stirred my wife and the joke was so corny, that even she laughed when I shared it with her:

Q: What did the tortilla chip say when he saw the jar of salsa sneak off with the Velveeta?     A: Hey, that’s nacho cheese!

dog laughing_750x679

I thought this one was funny; maybe I laughed so hard because it was mine. I love jokes of all kinds, really, but it’s rare to hear “clean” jokes today, so I looked up a few two-liners to share with you – some old, some new, all “G-Rated” and all humorous. Enjoy and share them with your family and friends if they make you laugh!

Q: What does a nosey pepper do? A: Gets jalapeno business!

Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato? A: The lettuce was a “head” and the tomato was trying to “ketchup”!

Q: Did you hear about the hungry clock? A: It went back four seconds.

Q: What do you get from a pampered cow? A: Spoiled milk.

Q: Did you hear about that new broom? A: It’s sweeping the nation!

Q: Why did the belt get arrested? A: Because it held up a pair of pants.

Q: What did Bacon say to Tomato? A: Lettuce get together!

LOL5Q: Why did the boy tiptoe past the medicine cabinet? A: He didn’t want to wake the sleeping pills!

Q: Did you hear about the calendar thief? A: He got 12 months; they say his days are numbered.

Q: What did one raindrop say to the other? A: Two’s company, three’s a cloud.

Q: Why did the balloon burst? A: Because is saw a lolly pop.

Q: What did the stamp say to the envelope? A: Stick with me and we will go places!

Q: What do you call a dentist in the army? A: A drill sergeant

Q: Why does a milking stool have only 3 legs? A: Because the cow has the udder.

Q: What kind of lights did Noah use on the Ark? A: Flood lights!

Q: What happened to the wooden car with wooden wheels and wooden engine? A: it wooden go!

Q: What did the painter say to the wall? A: One more crack like that and I’ll plaster you!

laughter20 Q: Why did Goofy put a clock under his desk? A: Because he wanted to work over-time!*

Q: What do you call a South American girl who is always in a hurry? A: Urgent Tina

Q: Why did Johnny throw the clock out of the window? A: Because he wanted to see time fly!

Q: Why did the man lose his job at the orange juice factory? A: He couldn’t concentrate!

Q: What kind of egg did the bad chicken lay? A: A deviled egg!

Q: Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed? A: She couldn’t control her pupils!

Q: What did the alien say to the garden? A: Take me to your weeder.

Enough frivolity! Have a great week!

P.S. – If you’re a veteran, check out Friday’s short and sweet tribute “You Don’t” on PhotoandaPhrase. Aspiring politicos should read “At Least 10 Things Politicians Should Remember” on feelinthegoods. Giants fans should check out Daniella’s parade pics in her Nov. 4 posting, “Long Time No See” on Life Wins This Week ,as well as JK’s great mystery opening in his Nov. 3, “Thanks, Past Me” posting.

Peace (and joy!),

Bill M

Bill’s Saturday Musings and Observations

Happy Saturday everyone!

I had a great life win this week. My Sweetie and I traveled to Mendocino for four days for a late 25th wedding anniversary getaway. To call it a scenic trip is an understatement. Highway 128 curved through beautiful farms and vineyards, snaked around beautiful redwood pillars and opened to an expansive vista of the North Pacific coastline. Even with waves thundering against high cliffs in the bright afternoon sun as we entered the village of Mendocino, it was a calming experience. The village is laid back with a 1940ish façade and populated with folks with a laid back sixties and seventies sensibility. No packs of pedestrians walking the streets unconsciously while texting, no overly loud cellphone conversations interrupting dinners. Just people walking and talking WITH one another, not just AT one another. It was the most picture-perfect, relaxing vacation we’ve had in years and we promised each other we’d do it again next year. Here are bits and pieces of some of the scenery:



From the Flow

Speaking of life wins, I hope you all will take the time to vote, Tuesday, November 4, if you haven’t already cast your absentee ballot. Having your say in the way we run our government – no matter how fruitless the effort may be – is one of the ultimate life wins that we all can have. One of my pet peeves is to hear someone complain about how are city/county/state/country is run, only to find out the idiot didn’t even take the time to register and vote. Personally, I know too many people who sacrificed for my right to cast a ballot for me to throw away the opportunity. And I get angry every time I see what Republicans in many states in this country are doing to turn back the clock and deny voting rights to those who do want to vote. Don’t be passive namby-pamby. Don’t be a non-committal wuss. VOTE November 4!

Well, guess you know how I feel about that subject. Don’t forget to check out my brother/sister bloggers here at life wins. I think you’ll find Miss Thursday’s internet dating experience intriguing  (and it sounds like this is just the first installment), and JK’s piece on “Inexpressibles and Other Types of Victorian Shame” will bring a smile to your face.

Have a great week. May yours be filled with “life wins.”

Bill M 

This blog is a collaborative outlet for English 400 Creative Writing students. Each member of our group posts one day a week to share the favorite “life wins” we experience. I’m Bill M, the Saturday “post-man.” I hope you enjoy my musings and feel free to comment on them. I look forward to hearing and learning from you.


Every Book is New When You’re Little

New Kid's Books“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney

There is nothing quite so joyful as a trip to a book store.  The scent of paper, the loom shelves stacked high with all the wonders man can create.  It’s a brilliant place that feels like home.  Certainly Kindles are lovely things that let you travel far and wide with a library at your fingertips, and amazon is the very picture of convenience, but neither of them can ever replace a bookstore in my heart.

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Learning to Love Poetry

Willie Shakes

“Gym, Tan, Laundry, Sonnet. GTLS Baby!”
-Willie Shakes

What do William Shakespeare and Snookie have in common?  They both express themselves in ways the rest of us don’t quite understand.

Morning Folks, it’s JK on a Monday! Poetry has never been my thing.  I don’t write it.  I don’t read it.  When it’s in a novel I’m reading, I skip it.  It was the one thing I was dreading when I signed up for a creative writing class.  To my surprise, poetry is so much more fun when you can relax and let it flow with a little humor.  I’ve got three poems under my belt and each one presented a unique and fun challenge.

The first compared Alexander the Great to Teddy Roosevelt to a frat boy. Last week’s was 88 lines about 44 Disney movies (I loved that one, I’m such a Disney Geek). This week was a Found Poem.  A poem created by using text found elsewhere and reorganizing it into a meaningful form.

I chose to combine the Immortal Bard with The Situation.  Normally I don’t plan to share my assignments here, but I was so proud of how it came together that I just have to.

A Tempestuous Shore

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Sometimes life wins, and sometimes you win at life


My name is Justin and this is my blog.  Actually this is my little corner of a shared blog put together by a creative writing class at our local JC.   Though this blog is one of our assignments, it serves another purpose for us.

In the daily humdrum of life, its all too easy to get caught up in routine.  After going to work day after day, seeing the same people, and having the same conversations, life can pass by in a blur.  Rather than focusing on the day in front of you, life is separated work and weekend.  Once you find yourself in that zone, things have less meaning.

This blog exists to combat that.  We can use it to celebrate the victories in our lives, great or small.  I want to emphasize those moments, because those are the ones worth remembering.

I’m Justin.I win at life

I’m a husband.

I’m a father.

I’m a black belt.

I’m a cook.

I’m a reader.

I’m a writer

I run races.

I have fun.

I kick ass.

I win at life.