A Day With my Pup

Hi all, I don’t know if you remembered, but I recently became a mother of an a-dorable Jack Russell puppy. Puppys generally have to get vaccinated for Parvo, and other types of diseases before they can go for a walk. The vet told me I couldn’t take Koopa out until he has all his shots. Parvo lives on the ground for 7 weeks, so if my dog walks on the infected ground and licks his paws, he could get sick and die. ūüė¶

Well, good news! After about 3 months of getting those nasty shots, the vet cleared him to go on a walk!


There’s my little man looking handsome finally smelling that sweet, sweet autumn air! The brown chihuahua is his older brother Beast. Do you guys see the side eye Beast is giving Koopa? Beast doesn’t think too kindly of him. Mainly because Koopa likes to jump on Beast excessively and bite his tail.

So, first I tossed him the ball, then the little fireball streaked out to find it, and he brings it back to me to toss again. ¬†We chased each other across this vast field. Koopa is faster than me, even though I work out at the gym twice a week. I’m really impressed with his speed, stamina, and ability to jump really high. He practically snatched the tennis ball right out of my hands!

photo (2) Its really funny, in these pictures Koopa looks so calm, cool, and collected. (even though he is not) Do you see how the leash is wrapped around his waist? Yup, because he rolled his dirty butt around in the grass until he became tangled up. Dork.

Well anyway, after a full day of romping around in the crisp autumn air, even the mightiest of warriors have to rest sometime. photo (3)

Here Koopa is, resting with his beloved Koala Bear I gave him when I first met him.

Happy Thursday!

-Tina P




Meet Mister…

Hi all!

So I’ve been extraordinarily busy this week, welcoming a new member into my family. It hasn’t been easy judging mommy duties and school, so I apologize for not ya’ll on the blog last week…

Haha, did you guys think i’ve become a mom? No way, i’m much to young and selfish to have children of my own yet. Buuut, i would like you all to meet…



King Koopa! isn’t he absolutely adorable? I cant honestly tell you, when i carry him into stores with me (i.e. Pet Smart) everyone swoons at the sight of him! Pictures do not do him justice, in all honestly, he is more beautiful in person!

My boyfriend found him for me while searching on Craigslists (for free) and I couldn’t be more happier. He really is such a sweet lil’ dude. The owners who had him before didn’t seem to treat him very well. They kept him outside, and when I bathed him, he was filled with dirt. He threw up on me the first day (out of nerves I guess) and there was an interesting mix of horsehair and something green in his throw up.

Anyway, you shouldn’t keep puppies this young outside, especially Jack Russells. Their skin is easily sensitive and they sunburn quickly. Also theirs a danger of puppies contracting Parvo, Heartworm and all other types of diseases if they are not vaccinated. Parvo stays on the ground for 7 years, and if a puppy walks on the ground and happen to lick his paws, they will get violently ill and die within a week. Imagine my face when the vet told me THIS.

I felt like I did a good deed by adopting him into my home and my heart. I’m really busy and i’m pretty selfish, but I feel like I saved him from having a hard life where he could starve or get sick. From the bottom of my heart, I love this little dude. He makes my day so much better by curling up with me, and my heart lifts a little more when I see his clever little face. :,)

I hope you all are having a blessed day, and if you’re not, here’s more¬†adorable pics for you to enjoy.

photo (44) photo (43)


Happy Thursday.