Thank You :)

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday! How’s everyone doing today?

*sigh*It’s me, Silent Storm and today’s going to be my last time writing on this blog. This blog was difficult at first but it was an amazing experience. I had so much fun writing about my daily wins and sharing quotes. I also got to know a lot of new people and I had a lot of fun sharing random fun facts with everyone.

Thank you for reading everything written by me and my group members. We all worked hard to make this blog as interesting as possible. I’m not sure if any of my members will continue this blog but you never know. 🙂

I’d like to take this moment to tell you guys about a few blogs that I love reading.

PhotoandaPhrase … They’re awesome. Their names somewhat self explanatory but if you love pictures and phrases to go along with it, check them out. They have very interesting pictures!

Feelinthegoods … They’re awesome as well. Their blog is all about sharing happiness and positive thoughts. Check them out. I bet you will love them.

Quotewriteinspire … They’re awesome too. They have amazing quotes so you guys should definitely check them out if you love quotes.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Again, I’d like to say thank you to everyone, including silent readers, followers, and my group members. You all made this blogging experience memorable for me. You guys are all awesome and I hope you all succeed in whatever it is you plan to do in the future! Bye and thank you everyone!

-Silent Storm


Black Friday Shopping

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday! How’s everyone doing today? Hopefully, everyone’s doing well.

Yesterday was a blast. I went shopping with my sister and cousins. It was basically a girl’s night out because it was only us girls. Since a lot of black Friday deals started on Thursday, we were able to buy a lot of things. This year we decided to go to the mall and we found lots of awesome deals there. My favorite store would have to be Macys because they had boots on sale. These boots are normally $30 and over but for black Friday they were only $19.99. I also found rings that were $35 for $14. Around 4am we gave up because everyone was tired and went home. I normally don’t shop on black Fridays since all the stores are crowded but this year I decided to try something new and it was actually fun.

Here are some more fun facts that I found. Enjoy.

  1. Square watermelons were invested by the Japanese. They grew them in glass boxes. I wonder if they sell them in California. I would love to buy one.
  2. A blue whale has the longest tongue of any living mammal. It weighs around 3 tons and is as long as an elephant.
  3. The word listen contains that same letters as the word silent. The irony. When you tell someone to listen you expect them to be silent.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Also, I’m not sure if these facts are completely true so please do not quote me on any of it. For anyone who’s curious as to where I found these facts, I found them on this website ( Check out the site for more interesting facts. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm

20 Living Maggots Found Under His Skin!

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday! How’s everyone doing today? Hopefully, everyone’s doing well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do much besides school related stuff this week. I was busy with homework and tests almost all week. I wasn’t sure what to blog about so I decided to put some weird facts up here for everyone to enjoy and share.

Did you know…?

  1. A man in Florida called 911 three times to ask the dispatcher if she was interested in dating him. He was later put into jail.
  2. A Chinese man who stayed in Africa for about 6 months found 20 maggots living under his skin. That’s frightening!
  3. A 10 year old tried to sell her grandmother on eBay as a joke. I bet her grandmother didn’t find her joke very funny.
  4. There are about 300 registered superheroes in the United States. This is so strange but I would love to meet one. I wonder what they call themselves and what super powers they have.
  5. Sloths do a dance before they poop. The dance is called “the poop dance.” This reminds me of the potty dance that kids do.
  6. Before the mid 19th century dentures were commonly made from the teeth pulled out of the mouths of dead soldiers.
  7. In 1965, an obese man survived for 1 year and 17 days without eating. He lived entirely of his copious body fat and he also lost 125kg with no adverse affects. Is that possible?
  8. Ice age Britons used skulls of the dead as cups.
  9. A man once rescued a newborn baby from a Calgary dumpster, only to find out the baby was his. That must have been the most shocking moment of his life.
  10. In the Egyptian mummification process, ancient Egyptians removed the brain by inserting a hook through the nostrils to pull out brain matter.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Also, I’m not sure if these facts are completely true so please do not quote me on any of it. For anyone who’s curious as to where I found these facts, I found them on this website ( Check out the site for more interesting facts. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm

All Over The Place…

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday! It’s almost the end of a beautiful week, just two more days and then it’s the start of a whole new week. The years going by so fast, it feels like just last week was the end of January and now were almost half way through November. Before you know it, it’ll be 2015, a whole new year. Anyways, how’s everyone doing today? Hopefully, everyone’s doing well.

This week I didn’t do anything super exciting. Come to think of it, I spend a lot of time at home and school. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing but many people may consider that boring. I actually enjoy being home. I would love to be able to explore the world but at the end of the day I want to go back home where I feel safe and I’m surrounded by the people I love.

Most of you know that I’m a college student and as a student I have to attend classes. While I was in class I was observing all the students in all my classes and I noticed most of them were on their phones. I felt odd being the only one not on my phone but that didn’t last long because like many others, I can’t live without my phone. Not only were people on their phones during class but even after class, while they were walking to their cars, while they were sitting in their cars, and even while driving. I understand that some people use their phones in awkward situations, when their bored, or have an urgent text or call but some people were so into their phones; I was amazed that they managed to make it to their cars without walking into a tree or a car.

I found a hilarious video on YouTube by Jimmy Kimmel Live. He challenged parents to pretend that they ate all of their kids Halloween candy. I felt bad for some kids but it was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. I was extremely proud of the kids that said it was ok but some children started to scream and curse. If anyone wants a good laugh, the YouTube video was called YouTube Challenge- I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Sorry if the blogs all over the place, I just wrote whatever came to my mind. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm-

Halloween and More Fun Facts

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! Can you believe it, an entire month has ended. It’s crazy how fast the days go by.

This week was pretty fun for me. I threw a surprise party for my cousin and she loved it. Afterwards we went shopping for Halloween costumes but we decided that we didn’t want to dress up. We instead bought lots of face paints and different types of makeup products to create a zombie like face. It was fun experimenting with all the makeup. We then got my two nieces dressed. My youngest niece was Sofia the first, a princess. After she saw us dressed as zombies, she also wanted to be a zombie so we turned her into a princess zombie. My oldest niece wanted to be a zombie like us so we did our best to make her look frightening but she looked adorable. My cousin and I dressed up for fun while my nieces dressed up so they could get candy. After everyone was dressed we went out. It was lots of fun and my nieces had a blast.

I had so much fun searching for all these facts last time so here’s some more. Enjoy reading.

  1. The nose print of a dog is different for every dog. Just like a human finger print, every dog nose is different.
  2. Taste buds are found on the roof of your mouth, tongue and in front of your throat. I always thought taste buds were only on my tongue.
  3. Some cats are allergic to humans. I find that interesting because some humans are allergic to cats. I forgot that cats could be allergic to humans as well.
  4. Goldfish can’t blink. They don’t have eyelids.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Also, I’m not sure if these facts are completely true so please do not quote me on any of it. For anyone who’s curious as to where I found these facts, I found them on this website ( ). Check out the site for more interesting facts. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm-

Did You Know… 5 Fun Facts

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday! Wow! Is it me or did this week fly by super fast? I feel like just yesterday I posted a blog. Well, it’s Friday and you know what that means, it’s the end of a school week and a work week for some of you guys.

This week, I became one step closer to reaching my school goals. It’s been my dream since I graduated high school to attend San Francisco State University and I am so close to transferring. I realize that it will cost a lot of money and it will be difficult but that is definitely the school I want to get my degree from. It’s going to be hard leaving my family behind while I venture out alone in a big city that I don’t know much about but, it’s a chance for me to learn to take care of myself and to learn about myself. I’ve had plenty of friends that have moved out to attend college far from home and they are struggling. Some of these friends didn’t even know how to use a washing machine or how to even take care of themselves. I’m proud of them because they followed their dreams and they have successfully learned how to take care of themselves. They can cook, clean, manage their bills and still take out the time to study for classes. I’m super excited but, I know it will be difficult.

I actually had two weekly wins to share with everyone today. One I have already stated above but the other is something I learned today. Well not something, but five “something’s.” I’m not sure if all of these are true so please do not quote me on anything. Please correct me if any of the information is wrong.

Did you know….?

  1. Hello kitty is not a cat! When I heard that, I was shocked. She looks like a cat but apparently she’s a girl who has a pet cat.
  2. A fortune cookie company somehow put the correct lottery numbers on a fortune. A bout one hundred and ten people used the same fortune cookie numbers and won. Clearly, we all need to buy fortune cookies more often and use the numbers to win the lottery.
  3. A chicken lived for 18 months with its head cut off. This was back in the 1940’s, I believe. If this is true, we need to know that chicken’s secret. How did it eat?
  4. One in eight women have the chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States.
  5. Noses can be grown on foreheads. This is a bit strange but it’s possible. I believe it’s called prelamination. I saw pictures of a man with a nose on his forehead circulating social media sites a while back but I thought it was fake. I guess I was wrong.

Again, I’m not sure if all of this is true. They are just a few random things I learned today and wanted to share. Anyways, that’s all from me today. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm-

Birthday Fun and Family

Hello everyone,

It’s Friday and that just so happens to be my favorite day of the week! How has your week been so far? Hopefully, it has been as amazing as mine.

Although I love Fridays, yesterday was probably my favorite day of the year. You may be wondering why. Well, yesterday was my birthday and it was awesome. I had a business class in the morning but, I was able to spend the rest of the day with the people I care and love. Since it was my birthday, my family and I decided to go out to a restaurant for dinner. We went pretty late, around nine, and so there was barely anyone there. After we ate, my mom surprised me with a cake that she somehow managed to hide from me all day. I have no idea how I didn’t notice it; we live in the same house and we drove their together in the same car. After she brought the cake, everyone decided to sing happy birthday and let me tell you, there is a reason why no one in my family has ever gotten a record deal. They were all singing the same song yet it sounded like each person was singing a different song but, regardless of all that, I loved it. My birthday dinner was a little chaotic and it wasn’t anything fancy but, it was an awesome birthday and I loved every second of it.

Since I was talking about family, I’d like to share this quote that I found.

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy” –Garth Brooks

This quote reminds me of my family. I could have a million dollars but, without my family, I would never be happy. On the other hand, I could have absolutely nothing but as long as I have my family, I would feel like the richest person alive. The amount of love you can get from a family member is priceless; no amount of money can buy you that kind of love. It is unconditional love. You fight, argue and annoy one another but, at the end of the day, you know you have them. They are always there for you when no one else is and that is why I feel like the richest person alive. I am very thankful that I have such an amazing family.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm-