Although I am a broke college student, I have 3 younger brothers and sisters I have to buy presents for. Unfortunately, my younger siblings are incredibly whiny and snobby. My little brother buys T-shirts for 30 dollars each. Mind you, they look like plain white t-shirts with a small brand-name on it. If i dared buy him a T-shirt that’s not brand name, he would probably throw it away because its not “nice” enough for his reputation. My sister just got a nice laptop (not for Christmas) and when she got a desk to go along with it, she complained and said it was the wrong color for her room. My other younger sister complained because I told her I will buy her an expensive Starbucks drink, but I couldn’t afford to buy her an pastry. So I bought her a cookie and a drink, and didn’t get anything for myself.

So as I was leaving the library, I spotted this Christmas tree with these angel cutouts on it. I picked up an angel out of curiosity. The angels were made by kids in foster care, and they write their Christmas “wishes” on it. The angel I had was written by a 9 year old girl who wished for “world peace” and two barbies to play with. My youngest sister is near her age (11). She doesn’t wish for a 15 dollar barbie. She got mad at me yesterday because I tried to give her my used Acer laptop instead of a Macbook that my brother gave me. Let me remind you, shes 11. And right now, she has a Macbook, while I have the¬†Acer.

Oddly enough, the angel got me mad. Like, I was so pissed off. My bratty siblings whine about the presents I give them already. Why should I waste time and energy buying them presents they don’t like because its not “expensive” enough for them? I stress out so much because I don’t have enough money to appeal to their taste. All I want is for them to enjoy Christmas, and be happy I even tried to find them gifts I personally picked out for each of them. I don’t ask for nothing in return, just a simple “thank you”. This little girl, only wants 2 barbies and world peace. If i got her two barbies, she will be so happy and excited because her wish was fulfilled.

So you know what? Tomorrow i’m going to Walmart and buying her barbies. I’m down to the last dollars on my bankcard, but i’m not wasting another dime on kids who will just be ungrateful. I already finished their shopping, and if they want to complain about my gifts, so what? I really did try to be a good sister. Heck, i’m even considering donating their gifts I bought to Sleep Train ,since its not “good” enough for them.

Sorry for the rant. I just want everyone to be grateful, and enjoy their gifts. Christmas became something different in modern years. When I was little, I got basically nothing. My mom doesn’t understand Christmas, and she’s actually pretty selfish herself. It was rare for me to even have presents to open on Christmas. These bratty kids want all these expensive designer things nowadays, and they are lucky us older kids are there to even wrap them stuff under the tree.

This year, please donate to the kids in need. I read other angels, and they ask for things that are very simple to get. (barbies, electric cars, toy trains, scooters, bikes etc.)

Happy holidays!



A Day With my Pup

Hi all, I don’t know if you remembered, but I recently became a mother of an a-dorable Jack Russell puppy. Puppys generally have to get vaccinated for Parvo, and other types of diseases before they can go for a walk. The vet told me I couldn’t take Koopa out until he has all his shots. Parvo lives on the ground for 7 weeks, so if my dog walks on the infected ground and licks his paws, he could get sick and die. ūüė¶

Well, good news! After about 3 months of getting those nasty shots, the vet cleared him to go on a walk!


There’s my little man looking handsome finally smelling that sweet, sweet autumn air! The brown chihuahua is his older brother Beast. Do you guys see the side eye Beast is giving Koopa? Beast doesn’t think too kindly of him. Mainly because Koopa likes to jump on Beast excessively and bite his tail.

So, first I tossed him the ball, then the little fireball streaked out to find it, and he brings it back to me to toss again. ¬†We chased each other across this vast field. Koopa is faster than me, even though I work out at the gym twice a week. I’m really impressed with his speed, stamina, and ability to jump really high. He practically snatched the tennis ball right out of my hands!

photo (2) Its really funny, in these pictures Koopa looks so calm, cool, and collected. (even though he is not) Do you see how the leash is wrapped around his waist? Yup, because he rolled his dirty butt around in the grass until he became tangled up. Dork.

Well anyway, after a full day of romping around in the crisp autumn air, even the mightiest of warriors have to rest sometime. photo (3)

Here Koopa is, resting with his beloved Koala Bear I gave him when I first met him.

Happy Thursday!

-Tina P



Let It Raaain

Right now, outside, it is raining. Those who live in other states may not understand the HUGE significance of this small little detail. But yes, IT IS RAINING. According to, California has been in a drought for a long time. It started around 2011, that’s a total of THREE years with less water,people.

I heard my neighbor got fined because he washed his car and water was all over the sidewalk. That’s ridiculous. Water should be plentiful, and washing cars in your own driveway is practically an american past time.

So I went to the grocery store the other day, and FoodCo wanted to charge me $1.29 for ONE permission. Whattheheck. I guess I cant make my famous permission cookies now. ūüė¶ Also, grapes are $3.29 at Grocery outlet. Im pretty sure they were NOT that expensive last year.

I really hope this wet period lasts. The drought is causing all the fruit prices to rise, as well as most vegetation drying out, which creates the spread of more wild fires. Where i’m from, I live on the outskirts of town, so its very common to see lots of dead or dying grass.

So, when I looked outside this morning, I saw my crazy neighbor standing in her driveway with her tongue out trying to catch raindrops. I LOL’d, snapped a picture, and showed it to my boyfriend. I would’ve included that picture since it would be a great conclusion to this post, but i decided against it, for privacy reasons. (plus she was only wearing her robe, and that’s way embarrassing on her part.) For now, please enjoy this picture of a smiling raindrop I found on Google.

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

-Tina P

A Sweet Old Man

This past Tuesday was NOT the day for me. I had a 7 hour schoolday, plus I had to get home to feed my dog, go to my sisters house, help her make decorations for her party, study for a midterm etc. All I wanted to do was sink into my bed with some hot chocolate and watch Friends.

I was totally on the brink of tears when I was leaving school. I just felt so frustrated¬†and moody. I was tired, cranky, feeling down about myself. I went off my diet plan and divulged in a double cheeseburger, which made me feel bloated and lethargic. I’m pretty sure I have some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is this type of depression that comes when the weather gets colder.

As I was walking, this elderly man in a hat i could only describe as a beret dropped his manila folder and his papers scattered everywhere. He was right in front of me, so I stooped down to help him gather everything up. As I straightened up to hand him back his papers, he looked right into my miserable face and said “Thank you for helping me, you’re a pretty¬†young lady” in my native language, Vietnamese. He wore the sweetest smile on his face as he said that.

It was so considerate for him to say that to me. Honestly, I was acting surly, but he saw past that ugly attitude of mine and actually acknowledge my good side.

I don’t know this mans story. I don’t know who he is, or what he’s about. Yet he took the time to give me a compliment on a terrible day. And it truly did make the sun shine through the clouds for me.

Next time i’m having a bad day, ill think of that little old man. I am not a miserable grouchy person, and I should start appreciating little things even more.

-Tina P



So,I used to watch this girl on YouTube. Shes really pretty, fashionable, and smart. I’ve always admired her glamorous lifestyle, her gorgeous friends, and the amount of respect she got from the individuals she surrounds herself with.
And then I scrolled down to the comments underneath her video.
“Ew, your arms are chubby, you shouldn’t eat that bagel. It’s called C-A-R-B-S.”
“Your family hates you and are obviously only with you because you have money.”
“When your roots are showing, you should get it retouched. Otherwise you look like a cheap hooker”
Like, are you kidding me? this girl is absolutely amazing! How could these people say such rude things about someone who is almost nearly perfect??
I see these incidents almost everyday, on my Instagram, on my Facebook timeline. Why are these people shaming others? Especially others they don’t know?
We are all human. We all have to go through this daily struggle called “life”. We should be uplifting and empowering one another, not trying to knock each other out. We are all seeking happiness in our own way, and in no shape or form is this a race.
I read this story about this girl who was bullied. Her peers were so hateful and spiteful towards her, that she hung herself in her bedroom closet.
This young girl, in the prime of her life, died because people with so much hate decided to tease and torture her.
Yes, I said torture. Because reading nasty comments about yourself is torturous. If I was that girl on YouTube, and I read those terrible things by random people I would start to believe it. Gradually, it would infest my mind until I obsess over and over about what these people think about me. I mean if you had thousands of viewers telling you how “fat” “ugly” “slutty” you are, eventually you will start to believe it.
Its absolutely disgusting how people, anonymous people, try to break you down! Why? What is the point?
So I went to the girl I watch on YouTubes Instagram page, and underneath all those horrible comments, I left nicer ones. Telling her how much I enjoyed her videos and how beautiful her spirit is. I’m sure she’ll never read it, she has a ton of followers. Yet, even if she doesn’t read it, I still wanted to be an oasis away from a desert of animosity.
Spread love everyone!
(by the way, the girl I watch on YouTubes name is Trisha Paytas. :))

Meet Mister…

Hi all!

So I’ve been extraordinarily busy this week, welcoming a new member into my family. It hasn’t been easy judging mommy duties and school, so I apologize for not ya’ll on the blog last week…

Haha, did you guys think i’ve become a mom? No way, i’m much to young and selfish to have children of my own yet. Buuut, i would like you all to meet…



King Koopa! isn’t he absolutely adorable? I cant honestly tell you, when i carry him into stores with me (i.e. Pet Smart) everyone swoons at the sight of him! Pictures do not do him justice, in all honestly, he is more beautiful in person!

My boyfriend found him for me while searching on Craigslists (for free) and I couldn’t be more happier. He really is such a sweet lil’ dude. The owners who had him before didn’t seem to treat him very well. They kept him outside, and when I bathed him, he was filled with dirt. He threw up on me the first day (out of nerves I guess) and there was an interesting mix of horsehair and something green in his throw up.

Anyway, you shouldn’t keep puppies this young outside, especially Jack Russells. Their skin is easily sensitive and they sunburn quickly. Also theirs a danger of puppies contracting Parvo, Heartworm and all other types of diseases if they are not vaccinated. Parvo stays on the ground for 7 years, and if a puppy walks on the ground and happen to lick his paws, they will get violently ill and die within a week. Imagine my face when the vet told me THIS.

I felt like I did a good deed by adopting him into my home and my heart. I’m really busy and i’m pretty selfish, but I feel like I saved him from having a hard life where he could starve or get sick. From the bottom of my heart, I love this little dude. He makes my day so much better by curling up with me, and my heart lifts a little more when I see his clever little face. :,)

I hope you all are having a blessed day, and if you’re not, here’s more¬†adorable pics for you to enjoy.

photo (44) photo (43)


Happy Thursday.