Bill’s Saturday Musings and Observations

Happy Saturday, everyone!

There’s an old saying that goes something like this (paraphrased): “I mourned the fact that I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.” In other words, look on the bright side of things, no matter how bad they might seem a first, and quit feeling sorry for yourself.

My life win today is is being made more aware of this by an uplifting story about a popular Bella Vista High School senior who suffered an injury that most of us would consider devastating, and still continued to keep his great attitude and have a great life.

The story of Andy Wu was in this morning’s Sacramento Bee. Andy, a former track and cross country athlete, was at the Granite Bay side Folsom Lake last summer with his girlfriend and another friend when he dove headfirst into the lake from a rock outcropping. The water was not as deep as he thought and Andy hit is head on the bottom, knocking him out. His friends pulled him out and called for rescue services. He was immediately evacuated by helicopter to Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where it was later determined that he was paralyzed from the waist down.

You’d think most kids – heck, even most adults – would have been so down they couldn’t see up. The accident didn’t stop this budding young teen in his tracks, however. He just kept on keepin’ on. Here’s his story: Paralyzed teen takes on senior year after diving injury.

Andy Wu

Steven Bush, center, and other friends joke with Andy Wu on Friday at Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks. Photo by Randall Benton, Sacramento Bee.

By the way, check out this neat story about late actor Paul Walker and his intentionally unheralded goodwill and kindness on our fellow students’ blog Feelinthegoods: R.I.P. UNDERCOVER GOOD-DEEDER. Also, my fellow bloggers on lifewinsthisweek, Daniella and J.K., have interesting observations on running into nudists on a Bay Area beach and very interesting fiction reads, respectively.

I leave you with this thought today, with hopes that you’ll search inside and find your own inner peace. That will truly be a life win.

Inner peace, inner disarmament, is essential, and must absolutely not be neglected. It will be difficult to attain a durable, practical world peace if we do not make peace in our own minds. I also believe that education, the media, and politicians should constantly emphasize this aspect of human thought: to make peace within in order to make peace on the outside.

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Talk with you next week.

Peace – Bill M