My Catfish Story pt 2 +a win!

Hi Hi Hi All! Its miss Thursday!

Sorry I’m a little late, ya’ll.  Life totally hit me in the face, and im feeling way under the weather. 😦

Back to my depressing story.

Being “Catfished” did teach me a lesson. Not all people are out there with good intentions in mind. Yes, you can totally get unlucky, and end up with a real physco like Alex, but im very lucky i wasnt put into a worse situation. Have you guys heard of the Craigslist Killer? That guy finds his dates online, and then murders them for no apparent reason. Sadly, the internet is a very scary place. The internet can be used to connect with people all around the world,  yet its very dangerous. luckily for me, im only a couple thousand dollars down, with a jaded heart.

I learned alot of things from this experience. Never be so trusting. Never believe someones words just because they insist its true.

I’m a better person now. Can you believe i used to cry myself to sleep, over this mentally abusive, good-for-nothing? haha. Its been 2 years, ive been eating healthy, i’m maintaining a healthy weight, life is goooood. One day, I will find my Prince Charming, someone who believes I am worth something, who believes I deserve to get pampered. Because I always do the pampering, and I get very little in return.

I win this week, because I have hope. I believe in love. I believe someone out there is waiting for me as well. Thats all. All I need to do is hope and believe. Eventually, things will fall in my favor.

Have hope everyone! 🙂


My Catfish Story

So, there’s this show on MTV called “Catfish” where people meet others online and start a romantic relationship. It all sounds good and dandy(and a little bit unsafe) but when one of the “lovers” flies thousands of miles to meet the other, it usually turns out the other was using pictures that’s not them. The “Catfisher” probably uses other peoples pics because:

1.) The are insecure of their own looks.

2.) To take revenge.

3.) Because they enjoy hurting people internally.

4.) To con them.

I decided to share my own Catfish story, and my experience with my “other”. Because why the hell not? It hurt me, and it was a good life lesson to learn. I don’t want any other girls to experience what i experienced.

So, when I was 17, I was insecure, slightly chubby, and my family basically ignored me. I was the “ugly” girl in a group of well dressed, skinny and beautiful friends. I had an ugly attitude as well. I hated when people commented about how “drab” i was. No boys paid any attention to me.

I started using Facebook as my escape. On Facebook, I wasn’t this grumpy girl. I was happy and bubbly with my status updates. There, I met “Alex” (Not his real name) He was muscular but from his profile pic, that was all i can tell. I started talking to him on a friendly level, but then he called me “beautiful.” No one has ever called me beautiful before, not even those who are close to me. It sent butterfly’s fluttering in my stomach.

I showed my best friend his picture, and immediately she said “Ew, he’s short, and he’s probably ugly, why is he hiding his face?” I was perplexed. Even though the picture only showed 1/5 of “Alexs” face, I stilled thought he was handsome. That night, I asked him his height and weight. he replied that he was 5’9, and 145 pounds. And then he told me he was insecure because he was short and skinny. I thought this was crazy. If he really was 145 pounds, and 5’9, that was a perfect combination! How can anyone be insecure, that was such a perfect male shape. I started to like him more and more. Especially when he told me he had a car and his very own apartment and a job. As a 17 year old girl, this marked him as a successful man. He told me he would treat me out to a $300 shopping spree, which i thought would be amazing. I was way superficial back then, I know.

This is when things got weird. I shared a phone with my mother at the time, so one night, she took the phone while i was asleep. When I woke up sometime that night, I was bummed because I couldn’t text “Alex”. But it was okay, my mom was out partying, im sure, for safety reasons, she needed the phone more than I.

When I got the phone the next morning, it was filled with startling messages. “Where Are U???” Are You MAD?? “Why aren’t you picking up!” PICK UP NOW” “Im At the hospital with my mom.” “I need you.” “Thanks for being there for me, my mom died last night.”

My reaction was shock and disbelief. What the heck was going on? I felt so guilty, I called him and cried so hard. I wasn’t there for him. His demeanor was very cold, but after hours of begging, he coldly replied that it was okay, and he wasn’t mad. Mind you, we were probably only texting for about 3 weeks.

A year flew by, and we were still texting. I wondered why, if he had a car, he wouldn’t come meet me. He always found an excuse. It was his moms birthday, he was celebrating in her memory. He had to go get a suit for his job. These were excuses I couldn’t get mad at him about, because these things were important. Meanwhile, I was working on getting in shape for him. I lost 20 pounds, learned to do my makeup, and i bought really cute outfits in hopes of impressing him. Yet he still wouldn’t come, which is strange, he lived about 30 minutes away.

We said the dreaded “I Love You” to each other, then i insisted he come meet me. He reluctantly said yes.

I remember waiting anxiously in my front lawn. My hair was curled perfectly, I was shaking in my new expensive boots. I was texting my best friend to ease my nerves. This silver Honda pulls up to my lawn, and i was shaking so bad.

Long story short, He wasn’t 5’9. he wasn’t 145 pounds. He was about 4’11, and tipped the scale at barely 100 pounds. I towered over him at 5’3, and i outweighed him by 15 pounds. He did not have a car, he didn’t know how to drive. He still lived with his mother, who was still alive. He did not have a job. His pictures looked nothing like him. he had a wide gap, to the point where I thought he was missing teeth. His nose was large, his eyes were big, and his face was narrow. he was very shy when he approached me. Nothing like this aloof, macho man I originally thought he was.

To wrap this up, i cried when i was dropped off after that date. it was miserable. I had to pay for the movie, I had to pretend I was still in “love” with him. i didn’t want to hurt his feelings. So I stayed around. I thought, even If I wasn’t in love with his looks, its his soul I fell for.

Anyway. This guy was super broke and I spent thousands on shoes and jackets to spice him up. He whined and complained and was super clingy, he alienated all my friends from me. And he was a pathological liar.

I broke up with him, and he began stalking all my social media accounts and threatening to come over to my house when i damn sure did not want to see him. I was afraid he was gonna hurt me. I was terrified, he knew all my passwords and such, he could easily mess up my life…

This story is already getting way too long, and theres much more to explain lol. Ill be back next week!

Miss Thursday