Black Friday Shopping

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday! How’s everyone doing today? Hopefully, everyone’s doing well.

Yesterday was a blast. I went shopping with my sister and cousins. It was basically a girl’s night out because it was only us girls. Since a lot of black Friday deals started on Thursday, we were able to buy a lot of things. This year we decided to go to the mall and we found lots of awesome deals there. My favorite store would have to be Macys because they had boots on sale. These boots are normally $30 and over but for black Friday they were only $19.99. I also found rings that were $35 for $14. Around 4am we gave up because everyone was tired and went home. I normally don’t shop on black Fridays since all the stores are crowded but this year I decided to try something new and it was actually fun.

Here are some more fun facts that I found. Enjoy.

  1. Square watermelons were invested by the Japanese. They grew them in glass boxes. I wonder if they sell them in California. I would love to buy one.
  2. A blue whale has the longest tongue of any living mammal. It weighs around 3 tons and is as long as an elephant.
  3. The word listen contains that same letters as the word silent. The irony. When you tell someone to listen you expect them to be silent.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Also, I’m not sure if these facts are completely true so please do not quote me on any of it. For anyone who’s curious as to where I found these facts, I found them on this website ( Check out the site for more interesting facts. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm


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