Bill’s Saturday Musings and Observations

Happy Saturday, everyone!

There were a lot of life wins for me this week, and others, as I hope there were for you.

Life win #1 this week: Celebrating my Mom’s 90th birthday party at Mama Kim Eats in Del Paso Heights last Saturday (I talked about it in my last entry). Excellent company, great food and wonderful music. You need to check out their Friday and Saturday dinners or Sunday brunches (all with live music). We had a great time at a wonderful celebration and feast!


The birthday girl!

mom marion and deb

mom and marion dance

Dancing the night away.

Life win #2: Watching “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” with my granddaughter, Olivia, today. We’ve read all the books together and now have seen all three of the movies. We can’t wait to see Part 2 of this one (they split the last book into two movies) next year. Right on Katniss Everdeen!


Life win #3: Having dinner with our son and my mom tonight to end the celebratory week before she and her husband take off for Las Vegas tomorrow. We were glad to spend the time with Mom and it’s been a great week, but very hectic and a lot of work. Whew! We can use the rest.

Life win #4: RAIN! It wasn’t a lot, but an inch-plus really helps. Let’s pray there will be more on the near horizon


Life win #5: Not for me, but for Marine Capt. Derek Herrera. Capt. Herrera lost the use of his legs when he was paralyzed by a sniper’s bullet while serving in Afghanistan. This brave man promised himself he would walk again and his intestinal fortitude – combined with medical electronic ingenuity – allowed him to keep his promise to himself. He walked to receive a Bronze Star at Camp Pendleton, CA Friday, Nov. 21. Check out his story, Marine with robotic leg braces gets Bronze Star. 

95Bionic Marine Bronze Star 2

Marine Capt. Derek Herrera walks to receive his Bronze Star at Camp Pendleton, CA on Nov. 21. Photo by Nelvin C. Cepeda, San Diego Union-Tribune.

If you even remotely consider yourself a writer, or aspiring writer, please check out “STALLED SATURDAY, WRITERS AND LIFE” at feelinthegoods by one of our classmates. This blog is filled with good advice and encouragement as our writer discusses the work of her friend and novelist Kishan Paul. You’ll like this entry.

That’s all today. Have a great life win-filled week!

This blog is a collaborative outlet for English 400 Creative Writing students. Each member of our group posts one day a week to share the favorite “life wins” we experience. I’m Bill M, the Saturday “post-man.” I hope you enjoy my musings and feel free to comment on them. I look forward to hearing and learning from you.


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