Bill’s Saturday Musings and Observations

Happy Saturday everyone!

OK, here’s my Life Win This Week: my Mom turns 90 today and she and her husband are here from Atlanta to celebrate with us. My sister flew in Friday from Louisiana to join us.

What’s really special is that her brother, my 93-year old Uncle Henry, his daughter, my cousin Valencia flew in from New York to surprise her. I left for the store the other day and came back with my Uncle and you should have heard the screams of delight and seen the big hugs and kisses.

It’s especially heart-warming for me because Uncle Henry is recovering from stomach cancer surgery and treatment. He lost 70 pounds, but he’s gaining weight back now, sounding strong and looking good. He’s walking more slowly now – this is a man who used to walk from 135th Street in Harlem to Central Park in lower Manhattan about three times a week just two years ago – but he’s made progress even in the few days he’s been here. Here they are after dinner at our house last night (Friday):


Pic 1 – Sis (Mickey), Cousin Valencia, Uncle Henry, Deb (my wife, standing), Marion (my stepdad), Mom (a.k.a., Birthday Girl!)


Pic 2 – Sis (Mickey), Cousin Valencia, Uncle Henry, me (standing), Marion (my stepdad), Mom (a.k.a., Birthday Girl!)

We’re having a big family birthday dinner for her tonight with our kids and other relatives who live her in Cali. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Happy 90th Mom! We’ll do it again at 100!

Speaking of cancer and cancer survivors, here’s a really heart warming story from the Sacramento Bee this week: New bedroom designs help kids with serious illnesses dream well.

And bibliophiles will enjoy this video poem about a book lover’s ideal love from JK’s Life Wins post this week, I need something to read

Peace, and have a winning week!

Bill M 

This blog is a collaborative outlet for English 400 Creative Writing students. Each member of our group posts one day a week to share the favorite “life wins” we experience. I’m Bill M, the Saturday “post-man.” I hope you enjoy my musings and feel free to comment on them. I look forward to hearing and learning from you.


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