I had a big moment of weakness this week. I heavily considered dropping out of college to pursue and devote my time to my dream job 110%. I shared what was on my mind to my father and it was not pretty. A little background of him is that he came from south america when he was only 18 and had already been a high school dropout so he never actually went to college. I believe the language barrier even made it more difficult as time went by. His parents never pushed him, instead they put him to work. He constantly reminds me how he wished he got pushed because he didn’t know any better and feels like a failure in today’s society because he never had a career but just jobs here and there. I understand where he is coming from, it is completely valid.

However, my only drive to continue school is to not disappoint him. I’m completely not doing it for myself, even though I know having a degree will benefit me down the line. At what point do I need to start living for myself and not to avoid the disappointment of my loved ones? My dream job does not require me to have a degree nor does it have anything to do with it. So readers what do I do? I need feedback.

During the meantime, I decided it’s not best to make a rash decision and quit altogether in the middle of a semester. I am doing well in my classes and might as well stick it out another 2 months and get my GPA higher. I am a few courses away from getting my Associates Degree and then I will be able to transfer. But is it worth the headache to push through several years more of school and not be happy? And then be in debt for years to pay for my education? I’m very torn.

My life win is more of a life realization this week. My life win technically is not being stupid and quitting in the spur of the moment.

Thanks for listening, until next Tuesday.



One thought on “Trouble

  1. There’s no reason you can’t do both. Since you’re so close to getting your AA, find a way to begin easing into your dream job while you finish the few courses you need. You’ll love the sense of completion (and the disci;one it brings will benefit you no matter what career path you follow), and the growth in knowledge will enhance your critical thinking skills, also important in any career. You can do it, so you go girl! – Bill M


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