My Catfish Story pt 2 +a win!

Hi Hi Hi All! Its miss Thursday!

Sorry I’m a little late, ya’ll.  Life totally hit me in the face, and im feeling way under the weather. 😦

Back to my depressing story.

Being “Catfished” did teach me a lesson. Not all people are out there with good intentions in mind. Yes, you can totally get unlucky, and end up with a real physco like Alex, but im very lucky i wasnt put into a worse situation. Have you guys heard of the Craigslist Killer? That guy finds his dates online, and then murders them for no apparent reason. Sadly, the internet is a very scary place. The internet can be used to connect with people all around the world,  yet its very dangerous. luckily for me, im only a couple thousand dollars down, with a jaded heart.

I learned alot of things from this experience. Never be so trusting. Never believe someones words just because they insist its true.

I’m a better person now. Can you believe i used to cry myself to sleep, over this mentally abusive, good-for-nothing? haha. Its been 2 years, ive been eating healthy, i’m maintaining a healthy weight, life is goooood. One day, I will find my Prince Charming, someone who believes I am worth something, who believes I deserve to get pampered. Because I always do the pampering, and I get very little in return.

I win this week, because I have hope. I believe in love. I believe someone out there is waiting for me as well. Thats all. All I need to do is hope and believe. Eventually, things will fall in my favor.

Have hope everyone! 🙂


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