Long Time No See

Sorry I’ve been slacking later, my life has been moving so quickly lately it’s hard to take a step back and realize what’s going on. My life win this week is probably the same life win for the city of San Francisco. The San Francisco Giants have won the world series once again!!!! Three times in five years, it’s pretty remarkable. All the torture of these stressful games has finally paid off.

Last Wednesday, I got transferred to a different supervisor at my work and the first day of meeting him I asked if I could have Friday off if the Giants win the World Series. Way to break the ice, huh? I even thought it was too short notice to ask but hey why the hell not ask? I got nothing to lose. I didn’t want the bad karma of calling in sick when in fact I was not sick. You may be wondering why did I ask for that day off? Which they allowed me to take off by the way. That was pretty awesome. Well, it was the Giants victory parade and I wasn’t going to miss it like I’ve done in the past.

I left with my family at 4am to get there and pick a good spot. Lucky us (heavy sarcasm), there were already tons of people. It was a very interesting morning, to the degree that it’s hasn’t been raining lately but it doesn’t to pick up heavily that morning. It’s okay though, although we were soaked it’s wasn’t that cold, just a tad uncomfortable. It was nice talking to other Giants fans, and especially to see that the fans are really that committed to seeing and celebrating with our favorite baseball players. Overall, it was a great day. Funny how it was a heavily orange and black day then come to realize when I got back to Sacramento that it was Halloween with kids all over the place trick or treating. Later that night, I dressed up as a surgeon from my favorite drama show, Grey’s Anatomy. It’s been a surreal weak. Here are some pictures my cousin took at the parade.tumblr_neegts2o8d1qfuryvo4_1280 tumblr_neegts2o8d1qfuryvo1_1280 tumblr_neegts2o8d1qfuryvo2_1280 tumblr_neegts2o8d1qfuryvo3_1280

Tata until next week!



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