Halloween and More Fun Facts

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! Can you believe it, an entire month has ended. It’s crazy how fast the days go by.

This week was pretty fun for me. I threw a surprise party for my cousin and she loved it. Afterwards we went shopping for Halloween costumes but we decided that we didn’t want to dress up. We instead bought lots of face paints and different types of makeup products to create a zombie like face. It was fun experimenting with all the makeup. We then got my two nieces dressed. My youngest niece was Sofia the first, a princess. After she saw us dressed as zombies, she also wanted to be a zombie so we turned her into a princess zombie. My oldest niece wanted to be a zombie like us so we did our best to make her look frightening but she looked adorable. My cousin and I dressed up for fun while my nieces dressed up so they could get candy. After everyone was dressed we went out. It was lots of fun and my nieces had a blast.

I had so much fun searching for all these facts last time so here’s some more. Enjoy reading.

  1. The nose print of a dog is different for every dog. Just like a human finger print, every dog nose is different.
  2. Taste buds are found on the roof of your mouth, tongue and in front of your throat. I always thought taste buds were only on my tongue.
  3. Some cats are allergic to humans. I find that interesting because some humans are allergic to cats. I forgot that cats could be allergic to humans as well.
  4. Goldfish can’t blink. They don’t have eyelids.

Anyways, that’s all from me today. Also, I’m not sure if these facts are completely true so please do not quote me on any of it. For anyone who’s curious as to where I found these facts, I found them on this website (http://mentalfloss.com/amazing-facts#f1424 ). Check out the site for more interesting facts. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

-Silent Storm-


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