The Nudist Encounter

Hey there all you Tuesday’s,

This past Sunday I visit one of my favorite cities ever. San Francisco, my heart and soul of where I spent the first 13 years of my life. It’s so refreshing to go back “home”. Yes, I still consider it home. It is unique in all it’s special ways and I love every aspect of it’s very own culture. I went back to my old house where I grew up, we even knocked on the door! Sadly no one answered. I went to a few food spots that we’re usuals while I lived down there. Including, an ice cream shop called Mitchell’s, AMAZING AMAZING ICE CREAM. The line is always out the door. Then we went to Baker Beach, where it has the most beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. This beach is a very friendly environment, so many people roam nude. This isn’t my first time witnessing this but it was however for my older sister. She thought it was hilarious and I have to admit I let out a few laughs as well. But to be honest, it must feel kind of liberating to be one with the ocean like that. I saw a group of men playing beach volleyball in the nude and I decided to go up to them and ask if I could serve their ball. They were very kind in to have let me, and there was nothing funny about it. They were just people. People who are the same with and without clothes on. They have to feel so confident and brave to strip down bare to just skin and show all their insecurities and feelings. I now ironically enough find it inspiring. It goes to show just because someone chooses to live their lives differently doesn’t mean they’re the odd one out. So there ya go, that is my multi-layered life win this week.

What was yours?



2 thoughts on “The Nudist Encounter

  1. E.I Wong says:

    I wiped my balls all over a volleyball while at the beach, then these nice folks came to play with us. I would have told them about all the balls that went on that ball, but they were eating ice cream and I didn’t want to ruin that for them. I mean what’s the harm in eating a little bit of ball salt? None, I tell you. There is no harm. Unless I have crabs…


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