Sunday again

Hello, readers.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Apple Hill with another couple, and it was really nice. We got to High Hill Ranch at 9:30 and the weather was gorgeous and we took our time strolling around.  The vendors there were selling jewelry, scarves, t-shirts, leather purses and organizer covers, photographs, paintings, sculptures, consignment clothes, etc. My husband and I got a few things for the kitchen, and I got some earrings, but we definitely both liked the fudge (from a The Fudge Factory, which is NOT associated with High Hill and very anxious to let that be known) the best, because the fudge is AMAZING! That Rocky Road Fudge, readers, is absolutely worth the hour drive to Placerville, no joke.

I’ve been having a lot of health issues the last few weeks and those relaxing few hours in the fresh air and sunlight did a lot of good for my body and spirits.  We had no agenda, no rush, no responsibilities there, and I was able to just enjoy my husband’s and my friends’ company, no strings attached.  That, dear readers, was an incredible win for me 🙂


Frederick Douglass –
“It is easier to build up strong children than to repair broken men.”


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