Bill’s Saturday Musings and Observations

Happy Saturday, everyone, and Saturday should always be happy!

Here’s a life win for you. We all know about Karma, or, “What goes around, comes around.” Most people utter that phrase in discussions revolving around somebody who’s done somebody wrong. But it works positively, more often than not. Case in point: a little story my adult daughter, Susan, shared with me.

It seems Susan was at getting out her car at the parking lot where she works and spotted an open wallet on the ground near another car. It was filled with cash and credit cards and, after checking the driver’s license, she realized the owner was a co-worker, and not someone who was very popular in her office. Apparently, this woman was a constant complainer, bad-mouthed other employees on a regular basis and was just not a very nice person.

Now, Susan had just finished a conversation with my son saying she wanted to take her kids somewhere special for the Columbus Day weekend, but her money was short. As tempting as it was at first to keep the money and toss the wallet– you know we all have those little angel versus devil discussions in our minds at times – Susan took the wallet to her supervisor and turned it in. Company policy allowed her to do so anonymously, without recognition, which was fine with her.

Here’s where the Karma comes in. That evening when she checked her mail, there was a twenty-dollar bill lying on the ground in front of her mailbox! What goes around, comes around.

Thumbs up emoticon

There was a big life win for tens of thousands of Americans this week when the U.S. Supreme Court let stand appeals court rulings that tossed out the laws banning gay marriage in five states and cleared the way for same-sex marriages in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. According to the New York Times, “Most immediately, the Supreme Court’s move increased the number of states allowing same-sex marriage to 24, along with the District of Columbia, up from 19. Within weeks legal ripples from the decision could expand same-sex marriage to 30 states.”

Congratulations to all those people who wanted to make formal their commitments to their life partners. It’s a major triumph over all those who opposed these unions. Here’s the Times story: Supreme Court Delivers Tacit Win to Gay Marriage Supreme Court Delivers Tacit Win to Gay Marriage.”


Tammy and Sylvia Torres wed in Fredericksburg, Va., as marriages began in five states. Credit: Reza A. Marvashti/The Free Lance-Star, via Associated Press

Did you ever notice that it is almost always those (almost always conservatives) who are the most vocal complainers about government interference in our lives and the pursuit of happiness who also make the most noise about interfering in the lives of others who don’t think like they do. I think it’s a crime, an especially heinous one when the actions they are trying to criminalize don’t interfere one bit with their own lives or pursuits. Funny, it is also the case where at least a few of the most vocal have their own skeletons in the closet. You know, the married governor who extolls family values, but has one or two mistresses on the side. Or the congressman who vehemently opposes same sex marriage and gay rights (Can you say South Carolina), but is busted soliciting sex in the men’s bathroom of a major airport (Utah, anyone?).

Finally, check out this bit of a magic surprise and a life win for a homeless veteran from Rob Anderson: 

Man, good comes in all forms, right? Have a great winning week!

Peace — Bill M


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