Youtube Life

Hello there Tuesday’s,

For those of you who don’t watch youtube or are unaware of how big the youtube community is, let me educate you! There is a type of video being made that are called “vlogs”, which are the video version of a blog. My cousin Ariel has always been a fan of these videos and introduced me to them as well. My favorite youtubers are probably PrankvsPrank, which are a couple who think of creative ways to prank each other. For the past several weeks, my cousin decided to take it upon herself and create her own vlogs. I make a cameo in a few! It follows her day to day life but a few days ago she spoke on a very important issue. Inner beauty vs. outside appearance. It has received many views within just a few days and I think it’s because of the beautiful message towards the end. Please take a look and subscribe! This is my life win this week because her accomplishments are also my own 🙂


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