Every Book is New When You’re Little

New Kid's Books“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney

There is nothing quite so joyful as a trip to a book store.  The scent of paper, the loom shelves stacked high with all the wonders man can create.  It’s a brilliant place that feels like home.  Certainly Kindles are lovely things that let you travel far and wide with a library at your fingertips, and amazon is the very picture of convenience, but neither of them can ever replace a bookstore in my heart.

My daughter, who is a precocious bundle of two year old, loves to read.  She started early with picture books and now will sit in my lap asking for story after story.  In the past several weeks the stories she currently has have gotten boring as she’s outgrown the majority of them.  So it was time for her first trip to a used bookstore.  With a little credit and a lot of fun picking through shelves, we came home with 10 new treasures to enjoy together.

We chose classics like Doctor Seuss and Laura Ingalls Wilder, new ones I hadn’t heard of, and a couple paperbacks for when she’s a built older.  The paperbacks are books I used to read when I was younger.  All of it brought back a question that is to be taken very very seriously.  In fact it doesn’t get much more defining than the answer to this question.

I ask you, dear readers, what was your favorite childhood book?

Goblins in the CastleFor me it was a great little story called Goblins in the Castle by Bruce Coville.  I’d read anything but him, but that one I read and reread until the pages were dog-eared and ragged.

Were you entranced by a naughty cat in a hat? Did you run along the river with Henry and Ribsy?  Maybe you cared for a prophetic pig at Caer Dallben while dreaming of the day you’d fight Arawn Death Lord.  Or even swept away and sorted into just the right house for you.  (PS, it’s raven claw).

Let me know in the comments!


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14 thoughts on “Every Book is New When You’re Little

  1. Corduroy Bear! My mom said I had to have checked it out from the library at least 50 times when I was a child. I still love that book, and Jocelyn loves it as well.


  2. Cristina says:

    ooooh …. so hard to make a hard choice. (1) mrs. piggle wiggle books (2) half magic series by edward eager (3) castle in the attic …


  3. Wow. This is really hard. Um, lets see: 1. The Little House Series. 2. The Boxcar Children 3. Indian In the Cupboard (this is a series too) 4. Magic Treehouse. I always found these to be magical, whether through the ingenuity of the characters or the places they went.


  4. Tom Fitch says:

    I used to read to my young daughters a collection of stories by Richard Little, titled Richard Little’s Big Book of Stories..


    • Thanks for sharing BC, we’ll definitely be picking up copies of all of those. Bargain book hunting is fun, especially since used book stores are about the only ones left out there.



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