Making Strides

A life win this week comes from a much darker period of my life. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer when I was 4 years old, she was only 38. From what I’ve seen, she never showed weakness. She was at every field trip, packed my lunch everyday, and was there 24/7 for me and my older sister. Four years into the disease, things only progressed for the worst. She had undergo a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and a experimental transplant to buy her some extra time with her family. It’s crazy to me that at 8 years old, I knew the magnitude of the situation. I knew my mom would not be there my entire life when I got my first period, when boys dumped me or even on my wedding day. I made myself try to remember every single detail of her to carry on throughout my life. She passed away in November 2000, almost 14 years ago. I’m not going to sugar coat anything, I still miss her and need her today. It’s odd because sometimes I feel like she is just a memory that I try to keep alive and sometimes I feel like she never left me.

I have always wanted to participate for the greater good of the prevention of Breast Cancer. I’ve always been so preoccupied with my life that I never took the time out to volunteer into a walk against Breast Cancer. That all changed within this past week. I created a team named “Margot’s Angels” (named after my mom) and after 14 years I am gathering my closest family relatives to join me in this fight. In this fight to prevent another child of losing their mother, along with their childhood. It’s bringing me such joy that I think this will be a yearly event for me. This isn’t just a life win this week for me but a life win for my life! I am asking those who are reading this to take a look at the site down below and please consider donating. It will make a difference in this world. Thanks you guys, talk to you next week!

– Daniella


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