Sunday again!

Today came so fast – I’m sure I was blogging just a day or two ago. But, I suppose it was already seven days ago.

I’m still reading the NY Times, which is a huge win for me. I’m forgetful and disorganized, which makes for a lot of unused apps on my phone and tablet. The pop ups alerting me to new and updated stories are amazing! I love them.

Also this week, I had a big breakthrough with one of my preschoolers! This three year old has been laughing, playing, sitting at circle time, singing and dancing with the other kids, and staying awake to eat at lunch time. Previously, it had been three hours of screaming until this poor kid conked out around 11am, and then we woke them up at 2pm. Such a change! It’s been AMAZING. It makes me happier to be going back to work each morning, and that is definitely a win πŸ™‚

Until next Sunday,

Frederick Douglass –
β€œIt is easier to build up strong children than to repair broken men.”


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