Eternal Sunshine

Good afternoon Tuesday, so as I have already informed you, I am a big fan of music. My life win this week is that two of my favorite music artists Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown dropped albums. Now, I listen to almost every genre of music, but R&B is no doubt my favorite. My favorite time period of music was the 90s and I think it resonates with me because it was the decade I grew up in and so it really made an impact on me.  Artists like Aaliyah, 2pac, and Mariah Carey are still on my daily playlist. As for Jhene Aiko, I discovered her EP “Sail Out” about 7 months ago and I immediately never heard anything quite like her. Her harmonies along with the peaceful melodies puts a new twist to the R&B community. She writes  all her own material with comes with a lot of personal stories of hers. So I was excited to say the least that she was releasing her first album “Souled Out”. My immediate favorites off the album were Promises (a ballad featuring her daughter and her brother who passed away), Lyin King, The Pressure, and Eternal Sunshine.

As for Chris Brown, an artist who has probably one of the most worst reputations in the music industry.  I accept the fact that most people don’t like him and for good reason. My only reason why I listen to him is because I have been a fan since 2006 when his self-titled album released. I have seen him in concert and by far he is one of the most talented artists in the music industry as well. I am not writing this to change your perspective on him but at the end of the day he produces great music and that is the reason why I am a big fan. I haven’t had a chance to listen to his album yet as it was released today but I know I will not be disappointed. On the album is a song called “Don’t Think They Know” featuring the one and only Aaliyah. For anyone who doesn’t know the r&b princess, she passed away in a plane crash back in 2001. Chris Brown created this song where she very much feels alive. Their voices were made to do a duet together.

Down below you could listen to one of Jhene Aiko’s newest songs. If you have any music suggestions for me, make sure to leave me a comment. Enjoy, see ya next Tuesday!

– Daniella


One thought on “Eternal Sunshine

  1. i had never heard of Jhene Aiko and now, after listening to this cut, I’m a fan already. I love the smooth, haunting sound of this song and the fact that it seems to lift you to the clouds instead of drag you into the mire. Thanks for sharing this win with us.-Bill M


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