Bill’s Saturday Musings and Observations

Happy Saturday, everyone! My name is Bill and this is the site of my blog contributions to our team’s site. I’ll try to invoke humor and contemplation with my observations on life in general and end with a “Life Win” for the week, either my own or someone else’s that I think is noteworthy. I’ll also post photos or videos that inspire me about Life Wins. (Hey, anybody remember when these began as “web logs” years ago?)

Here’s a small life win from the Vendanta meditation gardens. It was the last one in the pond, surrounded by leaves and gorgeous dragonflies. A true win of solitude and contemplation for anyone visiting that day.

Evendanta Water Lily

A little bit about me. First of all, I tried to think of a catchy nickname that fit, but nothing else appealed to me, so-o-o…I guess the original fills the “Bill.” I love my family, music, photography, reading, writing and people. My tastes in all these areas are eclectic. I love music from the Temptations to Vivaldi; authors from Thomas Paine to Walter Mosley; photography from Ernst Haas to my own. I enjoy being around and meeting new people, making new friends and acquaintances. People make life interesting. Exciting. Noteworthy. Where would be without them, or they without us?

Oh, yeah, and I love good food. And trying new foods. I was born in the Midwest (St. Louis) but I’ve got Southern roots (Baton Rouge and New Orleans). I’ve lived and traveled in Southeast Asia, Turkey, the East Coast and the Southwest, so I’ve tasted and loved all kinds of cuisine. I’m lucky that my wife is a wonderful cook (I say she’s a chef). She comes up with wonderful new recipes all the time — from Thai to “N’Awlins” Creole — and is a master of making something from nothing when it comes to dining.

Enough about me and on to today’s musings.

Have you noticed that, even with all the bad news in the world, you can find something good in it? Let’s face it, we all get frustrated with religious wars (that’s a real oxymoron to me), institutional racism, stories of poverty and homelessness, and just out and out violence. If you read the papers and watch the TV news reports you’d think we all hate each other.

But when you get past page A1 of the Sac Bee or the L.A. Times, or watch to the end of the newscast sometimes, you’ll find stories about  “Life Wins.”

You know if we just take the time to look around us, observe, and even talk to one another, we’ll find the good stuff hidden inside. That’s a life win.

Oh, and my personal Life Win this week? A date with my wife to dine at Mama Kim Eats on Del Paso. Great food and a jazz trio in the background. That’s a win, baby!

By the way, check out my teammates’ blog posts through the week. And you might want to take a peek at some of the nice pics on PhotoandaPhrase.

I challenge you to find your Life Win this week. See you next Saturday. – B


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