Why Hello!

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My name is Daniella. I will be sharing this blog with people I’ve only met once in my life which is kind of an interesting experience. It seems like we’ll all get to know each other through our life wins which is in some way, is inspiring. I’m taking this creative writing class as my last general ed course, woohoo!!!  I am 22, a music enthusiast, a food lover, a SF Giants fan and I am obsessed with Disneyland (no really I have an annual pass). I have to say this year has been the best year of my life thus far. I haven’t had an easy life to say the least but I’m not going to dwell on it but I know by far it has molded me into a strong person. I made a resolution in the beginning of the year to choose to be happy, it’s all about perception. It’s in my nature to plan things out, so I’ve tried (emphasis on TRIED) to be more spontaneous. I’ve done more trips than ever, and although I’ve probably spent more money than saving, my excuse is I’m young and why not! Anyway I have another personal blog but I mostly reblog photography I enjoy. It’s consists of fashion, music, beautiful landscapes and etc (picture above). However, I have not found time to post my thoughts. My goal out of this blog is to send positivity. Hopefully my life wins will influence you to have some life wins of your own.

My life win this week actually started off a bit shaky. Last Tuesday, I was in Costco strolling around, eating a few samples, then I dropped my phone. I honestly thought nothing of it because I drop my phone so many times a day, it’s actually quite sad. Anyway, I picked it up and my screen was shattered. So shattered I can see through the holes of what my phone looks like inside. Weird enough, it was still able to function so I used it and got a tiny piece of glass in my pinky. Poor pinky. I decided it was best not to use it until I got around to buying a new phone. I think it’s honestly been a good thing to not have my phone constantly at my side. It’s been quite refreshing. But guess what? The new iPhone has been announced today and it looks awesome so life has a funny way of working out and hopefully in a few weeks, I will be able to make phone calls and be active with the world again.



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